Aug 262011

I’m not very original with my titles today, but at least I get this week’s images posted. Here finally is an image made today.

The Song of the Day is “One Bright Star” from the 2008 Paul Weller album “22 Dreams”. I already had it in “1708 – One Bright Star“. See him live on YouTube.

  3 Responses to “1772 – One Bright Star II”

  1. Oh, please, Andreas! Every sensible soul knows that stars can’t glow bright, when they are deprived of their liberty! 😉 So, it’s “One poor, captured star” to me. However, I like the color contrast really good. What was the context for this shot?


    • A giant flower pot on the street in Vienna where I live. It’s blue with some big yellow stars and other pots have different designs.

  2. […] is the same giant flower pot as in “1772 – One Bright Star II“. Roland asked for context, well here is slightly more […]

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