Aug 262011

It may be a detail of some ad, partly torn off, but to me it is an angry eye.

I took this image on Tuesday morning, but for various reasons I didn’t find the time to write a single post all week. Now I’m on the train and try to catch up.

The Song of the Day is “Angry” by Earl “Fatha” Hines and his orchestra. Hear it on YouTube.

  2 Responses to “1769 – Angry”

  1. I like the way the sign remains silent to me. THat makes me use all my charme to convince the sign to talk to me. It feels like I can see through the opening of my starship and glance at the galaxy we are visiting…


    • Yeah, that’s what I like in those details. You can read all sorts of things into them, but for me it immediately was an eye, actually even before it became a picture 🙂

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