1751 – Spell

Interesting image. I had already uploaded it in color, but somehow it didn’t satisfy me. A yellow/black face on a dark gray wall, that should have worked, only it didn’t at all.

The Song of the Day is “Spell“, the “footnote to howl” by Allen Ginsberg, a truly hypnotic text, interpreted by the great Patti Smith (did I say I have all her albums now?) on the 1997 release “Peace and Noise”. Hear a words-only version on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1751 – Spell”

  1. “That should have worked”… this implies some concept photograph, a struggle to apply logic rules to produce “working” photographs. That almost never works for me. 😉 But it sure is a scene, where you could find me staring and trying to connect with the spell.


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