1746 – Mining For Gold II

Do you remember the golden water in “1740 – Mining For Gold“? Well, I’ve tried the same procedure with some other images, some of them may turn up on days of need, but today I have something different.

Basically I have tried a few subjects to find out how they lend themselves to gilding. Of course I’ve tried a landscape as well, this landscape to be precise – and it didn’t work at all.

But then, I had already spent too much time with the image to give it up, and the first thing I did, adding a solid color layer in soft light mode and blending it into the dark tones, produced an interesting image. With some selective dodging and burning and with a selective blur I arrived at what you see, and what can I say, I like it! Here’s a full-size version without border. It makes for a nice wallpaper.

The Song of the Day is again “Mining For Gold“, either from the Cowboy Junkies’ original 1988 “The Trinity Session” album, or from the 2007 “Trinity Revisited”. Whatever you took as my recommendation last time, now it’s the other 😀

Hear the original version on YouTube.

One thought on “1746 – Mining For Gold II”

  1. Old times most often are remembered through a foggy filter that forgets the ugly and augments the nice things. This scene here reminds me of such a distorted memory.


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