1738 – Walking Along With You

I am already back in Vienna and this is an image taken on Saturday. At the moment I sit at home, having a day off, trying to reduce my backlog, using my new Internet connection.

I’ve upgraded? Hell no, I’ve downgraded 🙂

For the last years I have always used Internet via cable from one company, and mobile access from another company. The mobile contract was old and ripe for upgrading, and the cable contract had always been automatically upgraded to the fastest and most expensive option. Now I have downgraded to VDSL and get mobile with a better quality and data limits together from a single company, and all for 100€ less than before. Cool, huh?

No, not really cool. I was just an idiot to pay for so long for something that I don’t really use. Subjectively my new VDSL is every bit as fast as cable was before. The old cable contract had TV as well, this one does not, but that’s fine, I don’t ever see TV anyway. I’m glad when I get my images posted 😀

The Song of the Day is “Walking Along With You” from the 1970 Incredible String Band album “U”. Hear it on YouTube.