1734 – La Porte d’en Arrière

Did I ever mention that I love Cajun music? No? Oh I do, at least as much as Cajun kitchen. Give me a Jambalaya or a Gumbo (or let me make them!) and I’m in heaven 🙂

Looking for a Song of the Day with “door” in its title, I found “La Porte d’en Arrière (The Back Door)” by D. L. Menard in my collection on an album called “Jewels Of Cajun Music – Swamp Music, Vol. II”.

I deemed it pretty unlikely to find a video on YouTube, but to my surprise there were even two, one from a 1988 documentary “Aly Meets The Cajuns“, and the other one from the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival 2009. I love both of them 😀

2 thoughts on “1734 – La Porte d’en Arrière”

  1. We are kindred brothers in love with Cajun food and music. I should send you my recipe for shrimp gumbo with plenty of okra, but I am not sure you can get it there.

    Another song with door in the title: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpJNadW0PIo&feature=related

    If you want a good feed for Cajun music, Google KBON. A pay for feed from the heart of LA.

    Love the image and the link.

    1. Okra? Well, sure. Even in supermarkets. Yes, please 🙂

      As to the music: don’t do this to me. I’ve just spent an hour on YouTube hearing Dewey Balfa, Queen Ida, Clifton Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco and who knows whom. The impact on my Amazon shopping cart may be devastating 😀

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