1733 – Hell’s Ditch

Here’s an image taken yesterday night. At first I wanted to post something else, and that’s what occupied me last evening.

You know those moments: you take an image, you think it’s excellent, and while you process it, you find out it’s not, and no amount of processing can save it.

Well, this is an image I initially did NOT deem worthy of a blog post, but now, after having processed it, I do. Initial judgement can be pretty unreliable 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Hell’s Ditch“, title song of the 1990 Pogues album produced by Joe Strummer of Clash fame. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1733 – Hell’s Ditch”

  1. I was so confident that you shot this scene in a amsterdam coffee shop… until I realized the thing in the upper right corner is ice cream… 🙂

    Anyway. I know those moments all too well. But, wait… wait a few weeks or months and then go over those shots again. I found some true pearls that way, but it took a while and some distance to be able to see them.


    1. Oops, that’s the funny thing with working in the same time zone. I just made a post that linked to your blog 😀

      No, it’s just a shop’s window in Vienna, five minutes before midnight.

      1. Yep. What I learn here is, how light and color leads my associative cortex… and how much I reveal of my history by talking about your photographs. 🙂


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