1732 – The Church Of The Holy Spook

Are you religious? Well, I’m not. Never was, not even as a child. I love churches though. This is one that I passed this afternoon on my way to our lake. By the way, it’s only a few meters from the bridge and the river in yesterday’s image.

The Song of the Day, its title slightly lacking respect, is “The Church Of The Holy Spook” by Shane MacGowan and The Popes from the 1995 album “The Snake”. Yes, that’s the same guy who was (and now again is) singer of the Pogues. Hear the song on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1732 – The Church Of The Holy Spook”

  1. Absolutely lovely! I’ve never seen pink – marble(?) in a church before.

    I too am not “religious,” meaning that I do not wish to attach myself to any one creed or group of belief systems. So many of them don’t agree with my view of the world.

    I think there’s a BIG difference between being religious and being spiritual. Religious people advertise their religiosity; spiritual people live their beliefs. Religious people will be happy only when everyone else belongs to their particular faith system; spiritual people show by example and don’t advertise their beliefs.

    If I’ve offended some, I’m truly sorry that you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. I honor other people’s beliefs and their right to believe them – but please don’t try to shove your beliefs down my throat!

    1. No, that’s not marble. This is not Rome 🙂

      What looks like marble in our baroque churches is almost always plaster and paint.

  2. Great shot! Like you and Flo, I’m distinctly not religious, though I do consider myself a spiritual person. I’d probably be a buddhist, except for that reincarnation thing they buy into. I enjoy church architecture, especially of traditional churches. Most being built these days are pretty ugly affairs – but that’s just an opinion…your mileage may vary.

    Thanks for the shot!


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