1728 – You’re Pretty Good Looking

Enough diagonals, Ken?

It was pretty warm today, the air feeling liquid like hot sweat. According to the weather forecast the tropical weather will be over tomorrow though. Let’s hope summer does not end like last year, when after two hot weeks rain set in in late July, and never really stopped until the end of September. Scary how time is fleeting, huh?

The Song of the Day is “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)” from the 2000 White Stripes album “De Stijl”. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1728 – You’re Pretty Good Looking”

  1. Yes, you captured lovely diagonals here, lol. I like how everything leans, one way or the other. I’m not a great fan of these so-called “Dutch angles,” but in this case I think the slant and POV work beautifully.

  2. Diagonals? Not a single diagonal in this shot, Andreas. Yeah, right, this is nit picking… 🙂 What I like is the way the bicycle is standing on its own platform. I get the feeling of seeing a bicycle that fled from the dust or maybe arriving flood and is now anxiously looking down…

    Your view is a pure provocation to my brain… and I love you for that.


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