Jul 112011

I missed the train yesterday night, thus I took the first one in the morning, a pleasure at this time of the year. This image could easily have been “Fast Train III”, because it was taken from the moving train, but without motion blur and with this particular subject, it is clear that it must be part of my Electric Ladyland series.

You may notice that there is no white border. The reason is simple: I like the image well enough to use it as wallpaper, and a wallpaper with a white border is unthinkable 🙂

If you’re interested: here is the original size.

Of course the Song of the Day is “Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland”. Hear it on YouTube.

  3 Responses to “1726 – Electric Ladyland XII”

  1. Beautiful wallpaper, but where are the diagonals?

  2. That series is certainly coming along nicely. And I can also see the diagonals. They’re simply vertical diagonals… 😉

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