3 thoughts on “1725 – I’m Blue So Blue”

  1. Andreas, sorry I haven’t checked in for a while. Looks like others have a similar situation: too hot to feel like doing very much, plus too much to do to fit into each day.

    This blur symbolizes for me not only the heat, but also the impression of time passing by too fast to catch up with. Some days the events are blurred and I can’t even remember what I had for the last meal, lol. And to think how, all during the winter’s cold, I so looked forward to moderating temperatures, only to be plunged into the opposite extremes. Wish I had a mountain to go up far enough to get out of the heat.

    Just sign me Sea-level Flo

  2. I really like this image. It’s quite a sudden change to see this image dropped in between the LX5 images and it’s a reminder of your previous style i.e. wide lenses and ‘bokeh’. I’ve noticed that since you started using the LX5 your pictures have changed, out of necessity of course, as the sensor/lens combination has different characteristics. I can’t imagine it offers much in the way of shallow focus effects. This isn’t to say I don’t like your current output – I do – it’s just different. And I’m sure it’s easier to carry an LX5 rather than the Sigma/Nikon combo!

    1. Right. A camera can change the look of the photography that you take. I think the subjects are still mostly the same though. Some things can’t be done with an LX5, but the opposite is true as well. And yes, it is much easier to carry, but the real benefit is, that I don’t need a bag. At the moment I travel with a laptop bag containing my laptop, the camera, cables, cardreader, my Kindle and a few personal things like eye glasses and tooth brush. As soon as I use the D300, I’m back to a big camera backbag and still have less room left 🙂

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