1724 – It’s Too Hot For Words

I don’t know what the exact temperatures were, in any case they were beyond 30 degrees Celsius, and that’s enough for me.

After swimming for almost an hour (which did help, although not as much as one would believe), we went up into the mountains. There is a road that I didn’t know, leading to an inn at 1960 meters. This finally did the trick 🙂

Somehow the heat bogged me down and made me make a big number of completely irrelevant pictures. Here’s two of them. The image of the Day was made on the way up, the other is a view from at around 1700 meters. The view is towards Villach.

The Song of the Day is “It’s Too Hot For Words” by Billie Holiday. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “1724 – It’s Too Hot For Words”

  1. Ah, your photo of the day nicely transports the heat. And almost anything that’s green and dense works for me. I’m simple.

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