1713 – KGB

KGB, at least that’s what I read on that wall. Taken this morning on my way to work. Hi Markus, this is one for you 🙂

The music is for you as well, although you’ll have to hear it on a trip to Austria or basically anywhere outside of Germany, because unfortunately it is blocked in Germany like almost everything. But then, I suppose you know it anyway 🙂

“KGB (Kuhglockenblues)” or “Cow Bell Blues” is from Hubert von Goisern’s 1995 album “Wia die Zeit vergeht – Live”. I have uploaded this rather uncommon piece of music to YouTube. For those of you who don’t know the artist, here are two of his better known works: “Hearst as nit” and “Weit, weit weg“, both on the same album.

Update: OK, here’s one more: Bobby McFerrin & Hubert von Goisern live in Vienna 😀

Up-update: and this may really be the last: “Afrika“!

3 thoughts on “1713 – KGB”

  1. Thanks Andreas! A fine framing into the square you show here, supported by the diagonal shadow. The Goisern links I will watch back home – I saw him many years ago live in a small tent in Bad Reichenhall. Definitely wonderful music, most likely not only for alpine socialised ears.

    1. Hmm … told you so. As an uploader, you get detailed info about where it’s not visible – and in most of the cases it is Germany only. Sorry 🙁

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