1696 – Better

We had some rain and cold air for a few days, but now it’s so much better.

Today I left home late and was in a hurry. These are bad circumstances for contemplative photography, but sun always inspires me.

I mean, not that these are so great images, but for having been taken practically while walking (only a slight exaggeration), they are OK and I’m satisfied.

At the moment I am on the train from Vienna to Carinthia. This weekend will be one day longer, it’s Pentecost and we are a country of catholic hypocrites, thus I’ll be able to stay till Monday 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Better” from Regina Spektor’s 2006 album “Begin To Hope”. See a very nice video on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1696 – Better”

  1. I was just going through your blog with my 12yr old daughter to show her the kind of pictures you can get with an LX5 (she dearly wants a better camera than her P&S) and it struck me how wonderful all your images are. My daughter was equally impressed. I just wanted to let you know this.

  2. I really like your top image, the diagonal framing works very well with those nosy cars. Some times, it’s good to be in a hurry, apparently.

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