1695 – Eyes Like Yours

Well, being a contemplative photographer does not mean to stop being The Bike Photographer 🙂

That’s it for tonight, three posts and we’re back to synchronicity.

The Song of the Day is “Eyes Like Yours” from Shakira’s 2001 album “Laundry Service”. I like the music (hear it on YouTube), so I bought it twice, the second time as digital download, when it was discounted at Amazon.

Why didn’t I just rip my CD? Well, I couldn’t. It was one of that “copy-protected” non-CDs that Sony graced the earth with at that time. I couldn’t play it on the PC (expected), I couldn’t play it in the car (common) and I couldn’t play it on my Sony portable CD player (WTF???). You may be inclined to feel compassion for Sony, given how they are under attack these days. Honestly, don’t, they deserve it!

2 thoughts on “1695 – Eyes Like Yours”

  1. Andreas, yes, you can be a contemplative photographer, no matter what the subject. BYW, I left a post over on April’s blog in her Contemplative Photography discussion thread. (I hope I put in the hyperlink right, as this is the first time I’ve tried it in here.)

    Isn’t there a song with “One-eyed” in the title? Seems it might be an American Western song.

    I like your “one-eyed” bike. I like how the front wheel is turned at a slight angle to the bike’s body – more effecting for the image this way.

    1. Thanks. I’m on April’s list anyway, so I already read it 🙂

      “One-eyed”? I’m not sure, YouTube brought me no immediate hit and certainly there is nothing in my collection of songs. You know, I only use songs that I actually own 🙂

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