Jun 072011

This shop had good times, then it had hard times and now it is gone. Certainly there are stories to be written, stories of a patron and his customers, stories of a street, stories of an era, but that’s not my job and not my ambition and certainly not my gift. I am no Steinbeck, I am a photographer, and when I don’t take photographs, I am a programmer.

Apropos programming: Today I have released version 1.2.1 of my Azzyzt JEE Tools, and with that release I have the impression that we’re past all major problems. If you are a programmer (hmm … most photographers today are :)), if you need to implement database-backed web services, if you happen to like Java, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I guess now is a good time. Might save you a lot of work.

And … did I mention it’s free?

Hard Times” is a Ray Charles classic, today interpreted by Eric Clapton on his 1991 live album “24 Nights”. The version on YouTube is different, but not much, and David Sanborn is a good match. Still, you may prefer Ray Charles and I certainly do. Here is his version.

  2 Responses to “1692 – Hard Times”

  1. Steinbeck – indeed! One has to wonder why decay is so much more beautiful than pristine things.

  2. Ohhh…I love this image!

    So graphic/strong, great colors, and a suggestion of story which fires my imagination.

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