2 thoughts on “1688 – Hintn Umi”

  1. Soooo – Andreas is a sneaky, stealthy (I won’t put the other adjectives in this list) photographer – worthy of being titled a paparazzi, perhaps? How many of these sneaky images must one make to qualify as a paparazzi, anyway? LOL

    Interesting that the color is mostly near the top. My eye seems to get caught up by that bright red box in upper right. What would happen if you flipped this horizontally? Would our eyes then get caught in the upper left?


  2. Haha, this image obviously has lots of humour when being accompanied with your title and description. But, it stands very well on its own. You have always been very good at compositions that leads the eye, as in this case, from cold to warm, from room to a person. A captivating image, this one!

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