1687 – In The Wilderness

Recently I read about a scientific paper or a book, can’t remember, that detailed what would happen in a world suddenly left without people. Not after some nuclear war, more after all people had been, uhhh, raptured 😉

Interestingly enough, one of the worst things that can happen to our architecture, is water freezing in the multitude of pipes and drains. Many of them are built with the expectation, that the water flowing through them never freezes, for instance because it is used for cooling or it is heated in some other way. Of course when nobody heats, the water freezes, while freezing expands, and this way the pipes break.

Does anybody remember the book or the source? Unfortunately I forgot it, but when I recently saw “I Am Legend”, I really got interested.

Apropos “I Am Legend”, I have read Richard Matheson’s horror novel and now I’ve seen the 2007 movie starring Will Smith. Guess what, although I hate the post-9/11 pathos in the stupid and completely wrong ending, the movie is surprisingly good and it carries over much of the atmosphere of the book. Not bad at all, especially given that the original ending of the book would be hard to imagine in a Hollywood movie 🙂

By the way, if you are interested in both, by all means read the book first. It’s interesting to see what the movie made of it. The other way round you might have been already spoiled.

As to this image, well, leave a car under a tree and it may take only a few weeks for nature to take over 😀

The Song of the Day is “The Man In The Wilderness” from Natalie Merchant’s 2010 album “Selections From The Album Leave Your Sleep”. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1687 – In The Wilderness”

  1. It’s not only maple seeds, it’s bird poop, pine and oak catkins, pollen in great drifts, etc, that’ll hasten Nature’s take-over of any car allowed to sit under trees for a while, in the springtime. In summer, anything goes. In the fall it’d be colorful leaves which would turn brown soon. In the winder it’d be the ice and snow accumulations.

    I did see another movie – or perhaps it was a TV program, about the end of humanity and what the authors thought might happen. But I’m not sure I finished watching it, as I don’t remember what was their conclusion.

    Perhaps, once some aliens found out that there were no longer dangerous and hostile humans left on this planet, they’d land and decide to colonize? Let’s hope they’d treat it better than we have.


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