1683 – Meat Is Murder

I’m a carnivore, so it’s not that, and maybe it’s only me but, don’t you feel slightly uncomfortable when looking at this ad?

It’s a good image, well made with competent lighting, but it’s the context that ruins it all, even turns the message in some weird kind of opposite. These three vertical bars make the image somehow disturbing. Dangerous. An animal behind bars, but look at the asymmetry. One eye is covered, one is completely free. This cage is open, this animal willfully hides and it’s going to jump at you and eat you 😀

This image jumped at me when I returned from Klagenfurt, where I had bought a 52 mm two stop B+W split neutral density filter. I used it in the second image, stacked with a polarizer. Works great as long as the sun is well outside of your frame. If not, all contrast is gone.

Meat Is Murder” is the title song of the 1985 second album of The Smith. Hear it on YouTube.

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