1681 – Liquid Days II

Reflections have an enormous potential to distort reality, and the less plain the reflecting surface is, the better it gets.

Of those two images I like the square best, because it’s more abstract, while the other image is slightly more dynamic. You decide.

Regarding abstractness, I could probably even have gone B&W and it would have worked well, but here I like the colors too much.

Back in 2007, in “209 – Liquid Days“, we already had this album. The Song of the Day is “Liquid Days (Part I)” from Philip Glass’ 1986 album “Songs From Liquid Days”. Beautiful music, but hear for yourself.

2 thoughts on “1681 – Liquid Days II”

  1. Fantastic! I enjoy both. The 1st for the way it reaches into space; the 2nd for the addition of a “reflecting pool” — though I’m tempted to crop that one up from the bottom to nearly square.

    Wonderfully seen and rendered.

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