1672 – Purple Rain

It’s still Wednesday, early evening by now, but there is still sun outside. Can I have this time of the year for the whole year please?

We are getting closer now. Here’s an image of yesterday. An old woman looked wary when she saw me leaning over the flower bed, but I was neither sick nor out for mischief. I just tried to get a nice distribution of these flowers, together with the branch.

The Song of the Day is “Purple Rain“. I am quite sure that I have never used it before, but even if I had, it would probably not have been this version.

Randy Crawford on her 1995 album of cover versions “Naked and True”. Some people may hate it, I think it’s beautiful. Hear it on YouTube. By the way, I can’t believe it, although I have several Prince albums, I don’t have his original of this song. Shame on me 🙂

4 thoughts on “1672 – Purple Rain”

  1. It annoys me that I probably would have missed this composition, but you have captured it so beautifully. I love these long days. I still find sundown at 5:30 depressing. You would think I would have learned to accept it by now.

    1. One of life’s trade-offs, when you think of it: Live in eternal summer, but have all your days go dark around 6 pm, or be able to enjoy long days, for the price of cold and short, dark days in winter 🙂

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