1668 – Roses

It’s Friday afternoon, a wonderfully sunny day outside, and if the weather forecast is right, my train takes me into a cold and rainy weekend. Well, it happens 🙂

This image was taken in the morning on my way to work. I saw the roses among the vines, and as I shifted around for a good framing, I noticed that I could balance the roses with the sun. Not a perfect picture, not enough power in the corners, but hey, I like it anyway.

The Song of the Day is “Roses” from the great Eddi Reader’s 2009 album “Love Is The Way”. I discovered it some days ago and bought it today. If you don’t know her, she was the lead singer of Fairground Attraction, and since their split (after only one album, what a shame), she has had a steady career as a solo singer. Hear the song on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1668 – Roses”

    1. Yeah. I’ve applied more than a healthy dose of Topaz plugins, reckless really, but they still look good. Like rubies and a diamond 🙂

  1. Beautiful roses. If you are not wedded to the idea of a square format, you could try cropping down from the top. Might emphasize the diagonal of the roses a bit more.

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