1665 – Sparkle and Shine

Things have changed. Light has changed. Remember the rusty letters in yesterday’s image? Rusty indeed, but they still did sparkle and shine, and if I think of it, so does the whole city.

Must be Spring, if you ask me.

The Song of the Day is “Sparkle and Shine” from Steve Earle’s 2007 album “Washington Square Serenade”. It was recommended by Bill Birtch and I like it a lot. Thanks Bill!

Hear the song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1665 – Sparkle and Shine”

  1. Well, what a coincidence. I just got off the phone where I purchased tickets for Steve Earle, I go on Facebook and what do I see but “Sparkle and Shine” and a reference to myself in your post.

    Nice image by the way, great lighting and mood.

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