1664 – The Window

Every day is bright now, and I, I am naive as a child. I see and I take in and I feel and I marvel at the light – and I’m glad.

Vienna is an old city. An industrial building from 1892 is hardly remarkable at all. And still, that’s 120 years ago, and that’s more than any living person can remember.

The Song of the day is “The Window” from Leonard Cohen’s 1979 album “Recent Songs”. A long time ago as well. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1664 – The Window”

  1. Something about the picture, words and the selected song sent my mind off to John Prine and his music. It would probably take a great stretch of the imagination, but consider if Leonard Cohen were brought up in the SE of the US, how different would he and Prine truly sound? Take the song ‘Sam Stone’ as an example, it is just one that seems carry me from the one artist to the other.

    1. Interesting. Never heard of him. So far he didn’t make it down to my hard drive, but he’s already in my Amazon shopping cart 🙂


      1. Some of his earlier songs were written by Steve Goodman, but he is a most excellent writer on his on. “Prime Prine” is a good selection of his early work.
        Hope you enjoy.

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