1662 – The Swimming Song II

It’s swimming season again. The water is still cold and the various web pages don’t report water temperature values. The only page that lists any value at all, reports 13-16 degrees Celsius.

Well, I’d vote for 16, and I must know, because I was swimming today. It was a bright, hot and clear day and I swam for at least ten minutes. Smells like Summer. Yummy!!!

This image is of some ferns on our place at the lake. They were all in a uniform yellowish green, so I thought, what the heck, forget colors, let’s go black’n’white and play with tonal values. Hmm … kinda like what I see.

The Swimming Song” from Eddi Reader’s 1992 solo debut “Mirmama” was already Song of the Day back in “241 – The Swimmer“. At that time I could provide not even a sound sample, but today I found the song on YouTube.

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