1656 – Standing In The Doorway

We had a mix of rain and sun today and we used the afternoon for a short trip through Villach’s rural environment.

Here’s an image of a ruin that we found at a crossing in the middle of a forest. It may have been a small administration building for a mining company, but I have no way to tell. I suppose it’s not older than 80 years and it must have been in ruins for at least 30 years, likely longer.

The Song of the Day is “Standing In The Doorway” from Bob Dylan’s 1997 album “Time Out Of Mind”. Hear a live version on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “1656 – Standing In The Doorway”

  1. “Standing in the doorway, watching all the girls go by” – no girls going by for this tree that’s still standing in the doorway, lol.

    If you’re inclined to shoot for some humor, you might go back to this place with a bunch of good looking young women and have them walking past this rotting doorway. LOL – OR – take along some “old crones” 🙂


  2. The fairytale-like light in the doorway really draws you in. Very nice! I guess you could tell from the vegetation how long it seemed to have been abandoned.

  3. Ruin? How odd. I imagined that the only European ruins were ancient. I know that’s bizarre, but there it is. It just seemed that with all of your people and all of those eons, that you’d pretty well developed most places that are developable. And this image abruptly dissolves my imagining. It’s apparent that you’ve got the same ghostly hulks lurking in woods that we trip over all of the time. Interesting how people just discard things as large as buildings, tossing them out like children fly candy wrappers through the windows of speeding cars. BTW I’m typing this on my new iPad2! Couldn’t hold out any longer. Didn’t need it – couldn’t abate my lust to buy it. Wheeeeee….

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