1654 – What’s The Matter Here

Today, Friday, I snapped a whopping three pictures. Imagine that 🙂

Instead of trying to squeeze an Image of the Day out of them, I present you an image made at the same day as “1647 – Orange Crush“. It shows …

… uuuhh … actually I have no idea what it shows 😀

I guess it must be a detail from some shop’s window, but I can’t remember. Still, I like it anyway.

The Song of the Day is “What’s The Matter Here” by Natalie Merchant and The 10000 Maniacs. I have the version from the 1993 MTV Unplugged album. It’s not available on YouTube, but the official video for the song is.

2 thoughts on “1654 – What’s The Matter Here”

  1. I like it, too – keeps me guessing. A book display? Perhaps an Egyptian themed book? LOL Probably none of the above. But the colors must have attracted you.


    1. Worse, I don’t even know what the colors were. Out of the camera the image was pretty blue and it somehow looked wrong, but maybe …

      WAIT! Now I remember. It’s photographs of tattoos in the window of a tattoo shop. They may have been faded though, and in that case a bluish cast would have been appropriate 🙂

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