4 thoughts on “1653 – Gettin’ Together”

  1. Okay… I’ve stopped lurking here on June 12… while doing riding an historical bathosphere down through your memories. And it stopped once again at this level… at this image. And here’s a request… could you return to this spot and play with this fence? It is so damned intriguing to me. Dunno why…. but it seems so Olde Vienna to my never-been-in-Autria-except-in-books-and-movies imagination. So much elegance baked into something so utilitarian. The stone work, the iron work… the entire thing is just some architect’s throw-away! Imagine that this is only a DETAIL! Was it considered just ephemera by the craftsmen? By the designer? I wonder who sat at a drawing board and lavished such imagination on this accessory? Was it a VERY junior draftsman? Was it a quickly knocked off pencil sketch by some great mind? Imagine the process. How many hours were folded into this thing. But… but… there they are… what a century later? Centuries later? Whispering… “Look here. I existed. Here it is… my contribution to you… so perfect… so incidental. But, of all the people who worked when I worked, lived when I lived, here… here’s my mark. Still here. Will your’s be somewhere to tingle imaginations and feelings? Huh? Huh?”

      1. There is an odd thing about my brain. As a child it became apparent to me that the magazine models never looked the same. If they changed makeup, hairstyle, costume — or if they were photographed at different angle, or were differently lit… They became to me unrecognizable from earlier pictures. Some people are color blind, it seems that in still photos, I am somewhat recognition blind. Now tha t makes the world continually new, but it also means that I’d make a lousy wittness if asked to pick a thug out from mug shots…. Now that you show me these two older images again… Well duh…. Uh-huh they are wonderfully additional ways for me to imagine answers to my earlier questions. Ahhh… As my old adage goes Andreas… Art without wonder is merely craft!

        1. Funny to hear that we share deficiencies. I am in constant fear of not recognizing someone important from my past 🙂

          Similarity or continuity are interesting concepts, but for me they are hard to apply. I wonder what that is, a disinterest in visual features of people or an inability to remember them. I suppose you know the dizzy and disconcerting feeling of being greeted by someone who you can’t even vaguely remember.

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