Apr 292011

Thursday afternoon. Here’s a bicycle image again, and this is one that I really, really like. Hmm … maybe I should have looked for a title with “kiss” in it?

Gettin’ Together” is a song by Tommy James & The Shondells. Hear it on YouTube.

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  1. Okay… I’ve stopped lurking here on June 12… while doing riding an historical bathosphere down through your memories. And it stopped once again at this level… at this image. And here’s a request… could you return to this spot and play with this fence? It is so damned intriguing to me. Dunno why…. but it seems so Olde Vienna to my never-been-in-Autria-except-in-books-and-movies imagination. So much elegance baked into something so utilitarian. The stone work, the iron work… the entire thing is just some architect’s throw-away! Imagine that this is only a DETAIL! Was it considered just ephemera by the craftsmen? By the designer? I wonder who sat at a drawing board and lavished such imagination on this accessory? Was it a VERY junior draftsman? Was it a quickly knocked off pencil sketch by some great mind? Imagine the process. How many hours were folded into this thing. But… but… there they are… what a century later? Centuries later? Whispering… “Look here. I existed. Here it is… my contribution to you… so perfect… so incidental. But, of all the people who worked when I worked, lived when I lived, here… here’s my mark. Still here. Will your’s be somewhere to tingle imaginations and feelings? Huh? Huh?”

    • You mean something like “735 – A Place Aside“? Or maybe the second image in “720 – Runnin’ Blue“?

      I do like this place, my friend 🙂

      • There is an odd thing about my brain. As a child it became apparent to me that the magazine models never looked the same. If they changed makeup, hairstyle, costume — or if they were photographed at different angle, or were differently lit… They became to me unrecognizable from earlier pictures. Some people are color blind, it seems that in still photos, I am somewhat recognition blind. Now tha t makes the world continually new, but it also means that I’d make a lousy wittness if asked to pick a thug out from mug shots…. Now that you show me these two older images again… Well duh…. Uh-huh they are wonderfully additional ways for me to imagine answers to my earlier questions. Ahhh… As my old adage goes Andreas… Art without wonder is merely craft!

        • Funny to hear that we share deficiencies. I am in constant fear of not recognizing someone important from my past 🙂

          Similarity or continuity are interesting concepts, but for me they are hard to apply. I wonder what that is, a disinterest in visual features of people or an inability to remember them. I suppose you know the dizzy and disconcerting feeling of being greeted by someone who you can’t even vaguely remember.

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