1650 – On The Way Home

Here’s one image of today. This whole Easter weekend was mostly warm and sunny, even though the forecast had predicted the opposite.

The Song of the Day is “On The Way Home“, the opener of the 1968 last Buffalo Springfield album “Last Time Around”.

Actually I don’t have it in the Buffalo Springfield version (yet), but instead on the CSN&Y live album “4 Way Street”. Compare them for yourself: Here’s Buffalo Springfield and that’s CSN&Y. Hmm … hard to tell, but I definitely wouldn’t dismiss Buffalo Springfield 🙂

3 thoughts on “1650 – On The Way Home”

  1. I like this! It looks like a great road for road biking on, inviting one up into the mountains.

    Got any tricks to bring out more detail out of the hazy background? Not really necessary here, as the picture balances nicely as you have it, but sometimes it’s something I wish I could do better.

    1. Selectively increase contrast in the background. Leave the lightest parts alone, make the darker parts much darker. Use either “Luminance” as blending mode or desaturate the background. You can also do that selectively. What you absolutely have to avoid is a deep blue of the background.

      Of course this comes at a price. Out of the camera a hazy or foggy background has not much detail. Increasing contrast also dramatically increases noise. With a far forest in the background this may not be that visible and you may get away with it. Just don’t overdo it.

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