1641 – Joan Of Arc

I did nothing today. Well, nothing productive at least. I’ve downloaded Fedora 15 (Alpha 1) and Ubuntu 11.04 (Beta 2), had a look at the two much criticized desktops Gnome 3 and Unity, and although I was sure I would hate them, I found I like them both. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Linux 🙂

Time went by and I didn’t even make a single image, but I had an image left from yesterday morning, and that’s what I worked on later.

The original image was of some layers of advertising posters on the street, irregularly ripped off, so that the poster below gets revealed, but parts of the poster on top are still visible. I don’t know why, even before I took the image, I had a vision of Joan of Arc. The posters on top, they somehow looked like a helmet, too big for the girl, but not in a ridiculous way, just to the contrary.

Processing this image turned out to be rather complicated and what you see now is an overlay with another image, an escalator and lights in the Underground, a water texture, some severe color manipulation to get rid of distracting parts and to color balance the image, a frame and a glimmer layer on top, plus all the usual things 😛

The Song of the Day is “Joan Of Arc“, originally from Leonard Cohen’s “Songs of Love and Hate”, but what I like better (and what I bought in the end, because I had neither) is the 1993 live version from the 1994 release “Cohen Live”. I love it when Julie Christensen joins in. YouTube only has a video from 1988, but it’s pretty much the same arrangement. Hope you like it as well.

2 thoughts on “1641 – Joan Of Arc”

  1. Only you would think to use an escalator image composited with a pretty face! I do like the finished image and the effects very much. You’ve inspired me to go through some of my images to see what might fit with what.


    1. Well, I just felt I could use some kind of gloriole, and when I saw the “rays” in that motion-blurred escalator image, I knew why I had not deleted it 🙂

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