1639 – Forget Me, Nots!!!

OK, I admit, this title is a little far-fetched. I took the image yesterday while waiting for the Underground. It’s on some emergency switch or, in German, “Notschalter”.

The Song of the Day, and this connection is even farther fetched, is “Forget Me Nots” from Randy Crawford’s 1995 album “Naked & True”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1639 – Forget Me, Nots!!!”

  1. Your visual style certainly has survived the new camera. Nice shot! And you make me actually start reconsidering whether to really go for a Sony Nex. Ah, all those difficult choices…

    1. Hmm … I buy Sony when I have absolutely no alternative. Just like in case of my laptop. Today there are other lightweight laptops capable of running Photoshop, but Sony still has the best LCD. Great contrast, great colors, no glare.

      Everything else, if there is any choice at all, I’m glad to skip Sony. Incompatibility and non-extensibility was always their game, but the real problem is, that they behave like the content company that they are today. Look at the recent PS3 disaster, look at root kits and other creepy behavior. I see no necessity in supporting a company that cheats and then sues their customers.

      And of course I think the NEX user interface would drive me mad 🙂

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