1634 – The Harmony Of Industry And Nature IV

When I took this image yesterday, I already did it with the intention of adding it to my “The Harmony Of Industry And Nature” series. I was not sure if it’s good enough for that, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s so … falsely positive 😀

With the Song of the Day we go back to the 2008 Nine Inch Nails album “Ghosts I-IV”. The Song of the Day, “34 Ghosts IV”, is a sinister gem that nicely contrasts the image. Hear it on YouTube or download the whole 36 tracks album for $5. Be warned though, many of you will consider much of it industrial noise 😛

2 thoughts on “1634 – The Harmony Of Industry And Nature IV”

  1. This is one of those photographs which hit me only after a few seconds pondering, then it opened up, and I just had to return to look at it, several times.

  2. I like the stacks against the mts, the blues and the shot of red and yellow. this is an appealing scene.
    thanks joanlvh

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