1628 – Old Beach Road

We’ve spent a day in Croatia yesterday, in Krk, where Markus Spring likes to be for his summer holidays. Hi Markus!

Nowadays Krk is only three hours away from Villach, thus it’s definitely an option to drive down for an afternoon on the beach. Having stood in the water up to my knees, I can tell you that swimming would have been an option. The water had around 15 centigrades, but that’s not colder than when I stop swimming in October. Well, I was not prepared but I’ll definitely bring trunks and towels next time 🙂

“Old Beach Road” is a 1989 single from Australian band Martha’s Vineyard‘s self-titled debut album. They broke up after the album, in some markets a second album was released with what material was left, thus it rather surprised me to see, that you still can get the CD.

Anyway, I like the album and if you look at the original video on YouTube, I guess you’ll understand why. Enjoy!

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  1. Andreas, thanks for the nice remember to plan the next holidays! Krk must be really nice and quiet now, off season. My family is determined to go there again, so at Pentecost, Vela Placa will probably see me again.

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