1617 – Biosphere

Definitely not one of my best days photographically. I tried to use the 85/1.4 AI-S and struggled mightily. I suppose I won’t continue tomorrow. I feel I need some change, but this is not the lens. Maybe a macro?

I can’t imagine for Ornette Coleman being anything but an acquired taste to anyone, but I may be wrong. Once you’ve gone that road though, all the way to Free Jazz and beyond, it forever changes how you think about music. You only have to walk it freely and at your own pace, otherwise it may be blocked to you forever.

I have two versions of “Biosphere” on “Sound Museum (Hidden Man)” and on “Sound Museum (Three Women)”. I didn’t find those, but on YouTube I found a third version from the 1987 double album “In All Languages”. All three are different, all three worth listening. And if you hear nothing but noise, back off, try it another time 🙂

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