1612 – Some Days Are Made For Rain

I’m very busy at the moment, but the weather is nasty anyway (did I call Monday a warm Spring day?) and I guess you don’t miss anything if I present you a Thursday image instead of a Wednesday one.

Well, rain it is, I won’t complain, there are people much worse off. Still, I wanted to give this image a dark mood, and therefore we are back to B&W.

The Song of the Day is “Some Days Are Made For Rain” by Aaron Neville. I found two videos on YouTube, one is not available in my country because it “contains content from UMG” (thank you guys for not allowing me to sell your stuff), the other looks pretty Russian, but the music is this song anyway. Funny, I thought they automatically match sound tracks? Anyway, hear it as long as you can, and if you like it, why not just buying it, supporting the artist and showing UMG how moronic they are?