1611 – I Love So Much To Look Into Your Eyes

It’s morning and I should be off to work, so let’s keep this short.

I’ve long waited for an opportunity to present you a fascinating album that did not lend itself to my purpose easily. The song titles just wouldn’t match.

In 2009 Marc Almond recorded “Orpheus In Exile ~ The Songs Of Vadim Kozin”. Vadim Kozin was a Russian tenor singer who, during the years of Stalin’s terror, was sentenced to jail, and who spent the rest of his life in Magadan, a city in Russia’s far east, that was administrative center and gateway to the Gulag. A wonderful album, really worth a try.

The Song of the Day is “I Love So Much To Look Into Your Eyes”. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, so I have uploaded it and so far it seems to last 🙂

2 thoughts on “1611 – I Love So Much To Look Into Your Eyes”

  1. I like it! You’ve made the bike look a little shy, and modest.

    I wonder for how long one will be able to use and maintain dynamo lights like these, given the ubiquity of throwaway LED units. Of course, it’s best to have dynamo driven LED lamps 😉

  2. First I thought that there is just one eye in the photograph, but then I realized it could be the bike who is the “I” in the song of the day. A great capture.

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