1606 – Tell Me Who

Hmm … no single comment to this whole series of B&W images. I mean, I can understand that Ted does not comment, he hates B&W and probably just waits for me to get “sane” again, but everybody else? Well, sorry, an artist must do what an artist must do 😛

Anyway. Here’s another one, and not even a good one, but in a way it is interesting.

Someone in this restaurant really likes photography. There are some more images outside, in the windows, and I suppose inside on the walls as well. The image of the boy is of course by Henri Cartier-Bresson, it’s one of his most famous, and quite rightly so. But then, can anybody tell me who took the image of the smoking nuns? I’ve just looked up “smoking nuns” in Google’s image search, and although it comes up on countless sites, I can’t find a reference to the photographer.

Amazon even sells the image as a poster and they list the artist as “Anonymous”, but that can’t be the whole story, can it?

The Song of the Day is “Tell Me Who” by Bobo Jenkins. I have it on a 10 CD R&B collection (“real” R&B :)) that I got cheaply, but I have found at least one other collection that is currently sold. Hear the song on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1606 – Tell Me Who”

  1. Hi Andreas, I’ve been visiting and enjoying these b&w shots. Haven’t commented only because things are somewhat hectic at the moment. Anyway, I’m interested in this b&w work of yours. Interestingly I’ve been shooting b&w exclusively as well, on those rare occasions where I get a chance to take photos. Anyway thanks for posting these.

  2. Andreas, I haven’t visited for a few days, so just now saw your series. I like them. Perhaps the photographer who took the picture of the smoking nuns didn’t want any retribution from the church to come back down upon his/her head and so chose to remain anonymous, lol!

  3. Well, this probably came across a little disappointed, but that’s not true. I was just wondering. Five posts in a row without a comment are not uncommon, but when that coincides with a certain series of images, then I begin to ask myself if it really is coincidence.

    Anyway. Thanks 🙂

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