1604 – Take A Pebble

This is the church St. Margaret’s, lone on a hill, visible from everywhere in the valley.

For years I had seen this church once in a while, had thought that one day I must find out how to get there, but somehow I had never pursued it. It was always deferred to “next time”.

Two or three years ago I actually did it, and yesterday I was there again for the second time.

The view from church level is slightly disappointing because of the trees, but going some meters uphill offered me a fine panorama.

The stones in the Image of the Day are from the floor at the entrance, beneath the tower. You frequently see such floors in Italy, but rarely here in Austria. They must have been common, but most of them have been replaced with flat pavement.

The Song of the Day is the monumental “Take A Pebble” from the 1970 self-titled Emerson Lake & Palmer album. Hear it on YouTube.