1599 – Frozen V

Slowly this series comes to an end. This is the second to last. Here is a slightly more realistic rendition of the scene. I have hardly introduced colors and instead concentrated on contrast in snow and ice.

The Song of the Day stays the same, it is again “Frozen” from Madonna’s 1998 “Ray Of Light” album, but for a change the video today is from her 2001 Drowned World Tour.

4 thoughts on “1599 – Frozen V”

  1. Andreas:

    I second all the comments made on this wonderful series of images but weren’t there any of them that could have worked as a horizontal?


    1. Actually no, and for two reasons: I didn’t look for them, and then it is always easier with an ultra-wide (we’re speaking of 8mm here on DX, equivalent to 12mm on FX) to get a dramatic foreground, when you shoot vertical.

      1. I couldn’t envision these “working” or having near the impact horizontally, especially as you stated using such an ultra-wide lens. The camera must have been positioned almost on the surface of the ice for these shots to get the foreground you did.

        1. Not as low as one would think. As I said, 8 mm are damn wide. Normally on full-frame 14 mm are considered ultra-ultra-wide, and 12 mm is just insane. Well, this is the equivalent of 12 mm. It’s almost as with a fish: you have to be very careful to not get your feet into the frame. At 14 mm (FF) I would have had to be extremely low, at 12 not so.

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