Mar 022011

No time to think at the moment, so I’m really glad that the last weekend was fairly productive. Here is one more image in this series, another will follow for sure and that will probably be the last.

Well, you know the routine by now, the Song of the Day is again “Frozen” from Madonna’s 1998 “Ray Of Light” album, and the video, the video today is Live at the BBC.

  5 Responses to “1598 – Frozen IV”

  1. I do love this “Frozen” series…

  2. While the dramatic sky and the ominous mountains are there in all of these and make them all beautiful, i keep going back to the first one with the cracked ice in the foreground.

  3. Stunning.

    These must have been a joy to process. I can just imagine giggling to myself… “Ohhh, look at that, and that and that!”

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