1588 – Something In The Night

It’s Friday, I’m on the train and I have no image for today. Here is one that I took last October. I’ve processed it today, roughly following the pattern of “1586 – Let’s Go Joe“.

After long searching I finally settled on a title that is probably not bad, and the song certainly ain’t.

Something In The Night” is from Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 album “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. There are lots of live versions on YouTube, so I just had to pick one. Here it is from a recent concert 2009 at the Paramount Theatre. Just incredibly good.

One thought on “1588 – Something In The Night”

  1. Hi Andreas

    I’m loving this series Andreas lets see some more? Many moons ago I was at Wembley Arena ( London ) photographing Bruce Springsteen for a Magazine. All photographers had 3 numbers only before we got kicked out and no Photographers pitt either. Which ment we are out with the crowd. This is in the days of film and prime lens. I got about 15ft from the stage getting pushed and shoved by the crowd with my 180mm lens ( nikon ) when Springsteen decided to jump into the crowd write in front of me. I tried as quick as I could to change my lens to a 28mm but I was to late . Got the back of his head though. That was the 3rd number I then got kicked out. Still never mind. Andreas thanks for the PNG tip.I’ve checked all my blog and all is fine now.


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