1587 – Days Of Old

Here is another of these 1970s “mini bikes” as we call them. I still see them quite often around here, I remember having seen at least two of them today.

The Song of the Day, “Days Of Old” by B. B. King, is from the collection “The Best of the Kent Singles 1958 – 71”. I bought it for for the classic “Please Accept My Love”. Only when I looked for the YouTube video did I realize, that I have “Days Of Old” on “Riding With the King”, B. B. King’s 2000 collaboration with Eric Clapton, as well. Sometimes I think I should definitely spend more time hearing my music 😀

One thought on “1587 – Days Of Old”

  1. There has been a resurgence of these bikes in Finland. Young people, especially schoolchildren, seem to like them. I guess it back to the roots after the overly complex bikes. And easy for the parents to maintain…

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