1586 – Let’s Go Joe

OK, here’s one final image for tonight. It’s Wednesday night, shortly before midnight. This is an image, that I took on my way home from work.

I like street corners and I like to photograph them just like this: diagonally across. You’d expect those shots to be very static and boring, but in fact they can be very dynamic, and doubly so, when I manage to catch a biker. The timing was intentional, the yellow security vest was pure luck 🙂

Cab Calloway was one of the classic interpreters of the “St. James Infirmary Blues”, and because I collect versions of that recently, I just bought a collection of 40 of his most popular songs. One of the songs that I didn’t know yet turned out to be the Song of the Day. It’s “Let’s Go Joe”, and here it is on YouTube.

The collection that I have, is not available in the US, thus I link to another one, but you Americans got it better anyway. You pay less for almost twice the songs. Not a bad deal.

5 thoughts on “1586 – Let’s Go Joe”

  1. Hi Andreas
    Great shot. I love the mood you’ve captured and the photoshop technique really embellishes it. I came across your work at fineartphotoblog and loved your portfolio of work. I mainly work in music world and have just started a blog called artgalleryphotos which is my own personal work.If you get some time check it out and leave a comment.


    PS Good choice of music

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