1583 – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Weekends!! Yesterday I was ridiculed for having related what I’d heard in the weather forecast from Wednesday. For the weekend they had reported snowfalls down to 500 meters. Villach is at pretty exactly 500 meters, and yesterday morning, with a clear blue sky outside and temperatures much too warm for the season, I felt pretty sheepish.

Well, you know how it went on, and finally today we had slight snowfall. It didn’t exactly animate me to go out, and instead I decided to look at some of my unprocessed past images again. Here’s one of them, a bike in front of a “Biker’s Inn” in Villach.

The Song of the Day is “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” from the Louis Armstrong / Duke Ellington collaboration “The Great Summit”. The record was recommended to me by Paul Butzi, inventor of SoFoBoMo, a deep thinker and lover of good music. May he blog again!

YouTube has the song. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “1583 – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”

  1. Andreas, I haven’t visited for a while. I do love this, with its lovely color contrasts of blues and yellows. I’ll bet you used Topaz Adjust to being out the yellows on the bike. A very fitting title – Don’t Get Around Much Any More.

    1. Nope. I used Topaz Detail to bring out the details in the bike, but for the colors I used three “Hue/Saturation” layers in different blending modes and with different settings. I’ve explained it in “683 – Welcome To The Republic“. I use that pretty regularly, often with masks. The advantage is, that it avoids the clipping of color channels. You still have details, only the colors get much more vivid. Along with the fading of blending, you can get interesting effects.

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