1582 – Down By The Riverside

Weekends! It’s Saturday and I have not taken a single image. Not that I had not been willing, no, but I spent the morning at the barber’s (well, not the whole morning :)), later at noon we met my parents, and I finally gave my father his iPad. It had been a beautiful, sunny day with clear, blue sky when we entered the restaurant, but unfortunately only two hours later we left into a gloomy, cloudy day with occasional drizzles. Bad timing, I’d say ๐Ÿ˜€

The Image of the Day is three weeks old. I began it as a color image, and only when it was already done and I satisfied, I decided to try a B&W conversion. Even the first result of one plain Photoshop “B&W” adjustment layer pleased me, and so I carried on. The result is a mix of three B&W layers with the presets “Maximum Black”, “High Contrast Red” and “Green”.

The Song of the Day is “Down By The Riverside” from Maceo Parker’s 1991 album “Mo’ Roots”. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, thus I have uploaded it myself.

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