1580 – Pieces Of Sky

Here’s one more image, one of today. Well, yesterday actually. Meanwhile it’s substantially beyond midnight, and while I write this blog post, I hear a podcast about the Egyptian crisis and copy the data from my 2TB image drive to another 2TB drive, that I will take down to Carinthia tomorrow. Uhhh, today.

Originally I bought a 3TB Hitachi drive, but, no way, I couldn’t get it to be recognized by the RAID controller on my motherboard. Well, it was recognized, but only as an 800 GB drive 😀

By the way, the whole disaster has made me rethink my future extension strategy. Instead of replacing the 2TB drives with 3TB drives (which would last for at least two more years), I will just add a second 2TB drive. When I then run out of space in maybe four years, the next step will be to replace the older 2TB drive with something bigger, and at that time I expect 3TB to be cheap and 4TB probably quite affordable. Just as an example: at the moment, a 3TB drive is about 2.5 times more expensive than a 2TB drive. Of course I’ll need a new motherboard, but that will very likely come much earlier.

The Song of the Day is “Pieces Of Sky” from the 2006 Beth Orton album “Comfort Of Strangers”. YouTube has a video.