1579 – Love Hurts

We had the Seventies a few days ago, and when I passed this “Urban Retro” shop today, I just couldn’t resist.

By the way, it’s interesting how we see color, or better, how we see colors being influenced by surrounding colors. I’m still not sure if I got the border right. I mixed it with the Photoshop color selector. My first take had been to just sample one of the colors in the picture. Intuitively one would expect every single color and shade in the yellow/orange/brown spectrum to be present, but it was amazing how oddly out-of-place those samples looked when being used for the border. In fact, they looked completely different from what they had looked in context and what I had expected. It’s not that I deny the possibility to find some good sample, but in the end it was much easier to just use the color selector.

The Song of the Day is “Love Hurts” from the 1975 Nazareth album “Hair Of The Dog”. A true classic, and I was pretty surprised, that I didn’t have the song on at least an anthology. Well, it’s always better to have the original album and now I do 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.