1568 – I Cover The Waterfront III

No images this weekend. Sorry, but it’s no great loss anyway. Weather was dull and uninspiring.

Instead of an image from Saturday, here’s another one from last Sunday. It’s from the same series as those in “1563 – I Cover The Waterfront II“, and because I am already in a hurry (it’s Sunday evening and I have to catch a train), I have not even looked for a new title. I have varied the singer though.

So far we had Mary Coughlan ages ago in “178 – I Cover the Waterfront“, Anita O’Day last week, and today it is Sarah Vaughn. I have it on the 1993 collection of recordings made in 1946/47, “It’s You or No One”. I have not found the exact version on YouTube, but I greatly enjoyed the live version that I found.