1564 – Everything’s Not Lost

When I arrived in Vienna late Sunday night, I was greeted by snowfall. I had not expected that at all, and much to my further surprise, it continued to snow until today, Wednesday.

This is an image of yesterday, and although the snow and the flat light do their best to suck all color out of this city, everything’s not lost: There are always some bright colors left for those, who are prepared to see 🙂

Everything’s Not Lost“, the last song on the 2000 Coldplay album “Parachutes”, is the Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1564 – Everything’s Not Lost”

  1. That bike looks like many of us in the northeast USA are feeling right now – just doggone sick and tired of snow – like we just want to crawl back into bed and hibernate!

    But if I were living in the midst of a heat wave, I’d probably say that the bike looks like many of us are feeling – just sick and tired of the heat and so longing to be able to lean against a cold post and feel the welcome cold from the snow!!!

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