1562 – Marching Through the Wilderness

The last time you heard from me was on Saturday, and today is already Tuesday night. Oh my!

As before, I’m not dead, I’ve only been busy. Saturday night I wrote, that I am usually reluctant to go out on Sundays, but that was not correct this time. I did go out, I did take some images, and at least one of them will be featured on this blog, albeit not in this post, the post for Sunday, the post where it would belong, but instead in the post for Monday.

In this post I will show you some more images from my Saturday march through the wilderness, along river Gail. This area is called “Schütt”, which means something like “spill”, meaning the area where the remains of the part of mount Dobratsch lie, that broke down in 1348, the year of the Great Plague.

The area was thinly populated then (but which area was not?) and it is thinly populated now, with much of it a nature reserve.

When you go there, basically you have to choose sides. You go either south of the river or go north. There is no bridge, and although it seems possible to cross over in a few places, I have not tried. I would have needed to jump, and the boulders are either snow-capped or they are icy. I didn’t risk to fall into the water or damage my camera 🙂

None of these images is HDR, all are made from one single exposure, and I think that is quite remarkable, because the contrast in some of these scenes was so high, that the JPEGs straight from the camera were completely unusable, and regardless of what I had done, there was no way to get a satisfying result, at least not without heavy photoshopping. Still, using RAW images taken with 14 bit precision (as I always do, it’s stupid to throw away image data from the beginning), I was able to salvage all of them.

Especially the two river images with the sun in the frame were tricky, and before I began working on it, I would have considered the last image outright impossible.

Wrong. It is borderline, definitely more noisy than the others, but it’s interesting as well, and although the sun is in the frame, I see almost no flares or ghosts.

This last river image and the Image of the Day were both taken with the Sigma 8-16, the Image of the Day already on my way back to the car. The other images were taken with my not so trusty, but otherwise still excellent Tamron 17-50/2.8 VC 😀

The Song of the Day is “Marching Through the Wilderness” from David Byrne’s 1989 solo album “Rei Momo”, definitely one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums. Hear it on YouTube.